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Our Services:

Greenhouse & Cold Storage Turnkey Projects:

We are also interested in Turnkey Bases projects in Green House, Cold Storage.


Project Documentations & Subsidy Applications:

We are providing Documentation Preparation Services as like:
  • Project Report for the All kind of Projects.
  • Subsidy Application in NHB/NHM/SFAC department.
  • LOI or Subsidy Sanction Letter for Subsidy.
  • Subsidy Claim and Follow Up.
  • Required Document List as given below for Subsidy Application:
    1. 7/12, 8-A, Land Papers or Khasra No. (Original & New Copy).
    2. Hak Patrak/Form No.6 (Name Inserted Entry).
    3. Land Map (with stamp).
    4. 5-Photos (Passport Size).
    5. Photo Id Proof (Pan Card/Election Card/Adhar Card/Passport).
    6. Banking Details (Bank Name, Branch Address, A/c No., IFSC Code) or (Cheque Zerox).
    7. Talati/Patvari Manjuri(Approval) Certificate.
    8. Cast & Trible Area Certificate.
    9. Water & Soil Testing Report (Fresh Report).
    10. All Land Owner’s Approval/permission Letter/Agreement copy on Stamp Notary. (Samanti Patrak)
    11. Bank Pre-Sanction/Sanction Letter.
NHB department Subsidy Details:
1)    Capital Subsidy:
  • Green House/Fan-Pad House/Poly Shad House/Shadnet House:- 50%
  • Cold Storage/Ripening Chamber/Post Harvest Management:- 35% (50% in Hilly/Schedule Area)
  • Solar System:- 35%
2)    Light Bill Subsidy:- 25% (State wise)
3)    Other Subsidies as per Cost Norms.

1)    These above subsidies are back-ended subsidies.
2)    There are Advance subsidy claim facility after 50% of Term loan disbursement. (as per GR-2014-15)
3)    For Green House/Fan-Pad House/Poly Shad House/Shadnet House, Every farmer can get maximum of 8000 Sq Mtr (2 acre) subsidy only. Then after he can apply after 5 years.
4)    For Cold Storage, apply up to 5000 MT in NHM department and More then 5000 MT in NHB department, for Ripening Chamber Max. 300 MT per Person.

Banking/Financial Guidance:

We are providing Guidance in Banking/Financial Services:
  • Banking Sectors will provides 75% Loan on project cost bases and Margin Money will be 25%.
  • Bank will be charge on land or Mortgage another property as a collateral security.
  • Time period for Banking/Finance process: 30-60 days.
  • Time period for payment EMI dues: 3Months/6Months/12 months.
  • 1st EMI will be dues at 6-Months (up to 6-months party has to pay interest only).
  • Loan disbursements are taken place step by step as work completion.
       During loan/finance process, it will party’s responsibility to do land/property valuation report, Title clear Report, Stamp/Notary/Franking, collect NOC, etc…..

Erection, Repair & Maintenance of the Project:

Structure Erection Service:
  • We are providing Labor Services for Erection/Installation of the project.
  • This service will be based on contract between the Party and our company on Stamp Agreement.
  • This Service will be provided in all states of India.
  Project Repairing & Maintenance Services:
  • We are also providing Project Repairing & Maintenance Services.
  • Repair & Maintenance Cost will depend on defect in structure and structure size.
  • This service will be based on contract between the Party and our company on Stamp Agreement.