• Hi-Tech Irrigation System

Hi-Tech Irrigation System:

  • Micro Irrigation System
  • Fogging & Misting System
  • Roof Top Sprinkler System
  • Irrigation Controller
  • Filtration Unit

Swarnim Agriculture offers Drip Irrigation Systems, Misting Systems, Sprinkler Systems and hand watering supplies - everything you need to water your plants, flowers and vegetables. The most efficient method of irrigation, drip irrigation uses up to 70% less water compared to flood irrigation and can more than double your crop yield. From greenhouse and high tunnel watering to field irrigation, we provide total range of irrigation solution.

Control the delivery of water through misting systems, drip systems and other greenhouse watering with our timers and controllers. Ideal for commercial greenhouses, we offer many controllers. Our Solenoid Valves are ideal for cooling systems and automatic water system control. The 24-Hour Electronic Time Switch is an ideal choice for greenhouse.