• Hi-Tech Automation System

Hi-Tech Automation System:


  • Time based: Controller for small landscape, open field and other farm applications.
  • Volume based: It is standalone controller for small open field and other applications
  • Sensor based: It is fixed and modular irrigation, climate controller for greenhouse, open field and other applications available in small and large casing.

Automatic Fertigation System:

Galcon's unique fertigation machines are designed for mixing fertilizer with irrigation water. Venturi pumps inject fertilizer into the pressurized water system. These irrigation systems can employ up to 8 channels of fertilizer injection together.

The irrigation machines address the need for hydroponics irrigation for greenhouse cultivation. Since plants in greenhouses grow in a substrate (soil-less), they must receive all needed nutrients at a specific EC (electric conductivity) and pH (acidity) level. This requires that fertigation must be according to the EC/pH of the irrigation water. Such irrigation makes it easy to maintain the desired concentration of the fertilizer. Even in case of a preparation error or a substantial chemical complex, the correct fertigation will end up in the irrigation water.

Galcon provides three types of irrigation machines:

Fertimix - Galcon's mixing machine that includes a mixing tank, Galcon's Galileo controller and EC/pH control.

Fertijet - Galcon's by-pass mixing machine with direct injection that includes a Galileo controller and EC/pH control.

Fertidozer - a by-pass mixing machine with no controller and EC/pH control.

EC, pH & Temperature Instrument:

Hanna provides better solution for measuring above parameters easily in soil & water. It is hand on use instrument which shows idea regarding EC, pH & temperature.