• Fan & Pad Greenhouse

Fan & Pad Greenhouse:

Structure is made up of Top Quality Hot dipped galvanized round pipe and having wall thickness 2mm and covered with multilayer polyethylene.


  • Greed size 8 X 4 Mtr.
  • Ridge Height 5.5 Mtr.
  • Gutter Height 4.0 Mtr
  • Reinforcement for wind load of 120 km/hr.
  • Reinforcement for Trellising load of 25 kg/m2
  • Cross reinforcement for better strength
  • Co-axial fan of GI Frame and aluminium louvers, 1.5 HP, 3 Phase, 500 RPM
  • Cellulose pad of 100 mm thickness with anodized aluminium Frame.
  • 2% Slope in foundation level

All material used in structure like connectors, bracket & fasteners are of hot dipped galvanized.

Greenhouse with Fan & Pad cooling System Technical specifications as per NHB Guideline:

Items Description/Specifications
1 Product Greenhouse with Fan & Pad Cooling
2 Size 1000 m2   -    4000 m2
3 Bay size 8m x 4m, Width of greenhouse should be at least 35% of the desired length.
4 Ridge height 5 m to 5.5 m
5 Ridge Vent 80-90 cm opening fixed with 40 mesh nylon insect screen
6 Gutter height 4 m to 4.5 m from floor area
7 Gutter slope 2% slope need be provided in civil foundation
8 Gutter material 1.5 mm thick GI sheet with perimeter of 500 mm or more preferably of single length without joint
9 Structural design The structural design need to be sound enough to withstand wind speed minimum 150 km/hr and minimum load of 25 kg/m2• There should be provision for opening one portion at either side for entry of small tractor/power tiller for intercultural practices. The firm needs to highlight design feature and list of greenhouse clients.
10 Structure Complete structure made of galvanized steel tubular pipes or equivalent section conforming Indian Standards having wall thickness 2mm, structural member should be joined with fasteners properly.
  Columns 76 mm OD, 2 mm thick
  Trusses Bottom & top cord 60 mm OD, 2 mm thick
  Trusses member 48 mm OD, 2 mm thick
  Purlin 42 mm OD, 2 mm thick
  Purlin member & others 33/25 mm, 2 mm thick
  Foundations Insert GI pipes of minimum 60 mm OD or more to have foundation depth of 75 cm or more depending upon soil type and prevailing wind condition, grouted with cement concrete mixture of 1 :2:4 using telescopic insertion of column.
  Fasteners All nuts & bolts must be of high tensile strength and galvanized.
11 Entrance room & Door One entrance room of size 3mx3mx3m(LxWx H) need to be provided and covered with 200 micron UV stabilized transparent plastic film. Two hinge doors of size 2mwidth & 2.5 m height double leaf made in plastid FRP sheets mounted in suitable strong frame.
12 Cladding material UV stabilized 200 micron transparent Plastics films conforming Indian Standards (IS 15827: 2009), multilayered, anti drip, anti fog, anti sulfur, diffused, clear and having minimum 85% level of light transmittance.
13 Fixing of cladding materials All ends/joints of plastic film need to be fixed with two way C type aluminum profiles with suitable locking arrangement along with curtain top. Wooden batons or PVC grippers need not be used.
14 Spring Insert Zigzag high carbon steel with spring action wire of 2-3 mm diameter must be inserted to fix shade net into C type Aluminum Profile.
15 Co-axial fan Co axial fan (lSI mark) of minimum 1200 mm diameter containing 6 numbers of GI sheet blades, frame is of GI sheet materials followed by aluminum louver.
16 Cellulose pad for cooling Cellulose pad of thickness 4" - 6" thick, height: 5', width as desired equipped with anodized Aluminum frame. Cooling pad complete with all necessary frame. Cooling pad complete with all necessary framing material (aluminum) as required for distribution and return, gutter, down spout cap and drip pan, plumbing kit, pump 220 Volt single phase, 50 cycle, drilled PVC piping cap, pad retainer, all suspension hardware, metal flashing required to seal pad for vent opening over flow 20 mm PVC & 40 mm standard sink drain.
17 Circular pump with accessories for cooling pad Circular pump with required capacity & accessories to be provided for wetting & circulating the pad area.
18 Digital controller with sensory devices The necessary digital controller with sensory device & accessories of standard quality (at least two units for 500 sqm area) should be provided to operate the fan & pad system to control temperature & humidity inside the Greenhouse.
19 Electric wiring inside greenhouse Use copper wire to withstand desired load of required electrical gadgets/appliances with lSI mark.
20 Shad net UV stabilized 50% shading net with motor/ manually operated mechanism for expanding and retracting. Size of net should be equal to the floor area of greenhouse.
21 Drip Irrigation System with fogging & misting facility Drip irrigation system under greenhouse need to be selected on the basis of crop spacing (design on spacing 45cm x 45 cm) along with fogging and misting facilities. The spacing considered for calculation The suggested bill of materials are Sand Filter 5 m3/hr, Screen Filter 10 m3/hr, Control Valve 63 mm, Control  Valve 50mm, By-pass Assembly 1.5", Air Release Valve 1 ", Non Return Valve 1.5", Throttle Valve 1.5", Flush Valve 50mm, Venturi 1.5" Assembly with manifold, PVC  pipe 63 mm/6 kg cm2, PVC pipe 50 mm/6 kg/cm2, PE plane lateral 16 mm, Emitting pipe lateral 16mm, hanging type micro sprinkler nozzle (four-way take off assembly) for very fine water particles (foggers & mister) to be fixed in PE pipe of diameter 16mm, Water tank of capacity 5000 liter and fittings & accessories.
22 Footpath 1 m wide and 10 cm thick footpaths should be provided in the centre (length x width) & made of cement concrete ratio of 1 :2:4.
23 Curtain wall! Apron 22cm brick wall of 1 m height (24 cm below and 80 cm above ground level on all the four sides. The walls need to be plastered and water proofing cement with 1:6 ratio.
Note: Optional items - provision to be made for opening & closing of ventilation system in case of power failures.
24 Curtains and insect screen Roll up UV stabilized 200 micron transparent plastic film as curtains need be provided up to 3.0 m height on all sides having automatic type motor operated crank mechanism. However, provision for manual opening and closing of curtains need also be provided AO mesh nylon insect proof nets (UV stabilized) of equivalent size need to be fixed inside the curtains. Anti flapping strips is suggested to ensure smooth functioning of the curtain.
25 Testing All plastic materials used in the greenhouse should be tested by the C1PET for quality assurance (If necessary).