• Dome Shape Net House

Dome Shape Net House:

Structure is made up of Top Quality Hot dipped galvanized round pipe and having wall thickness 2mm and covered UV stabilized Shade Net with 3 years warranty.


  • Greed size 8 X 4 Mtr.
  • Ridge Height 4.0 Mtr.
  • Reinforcement for wind load of 120 km/hr.
  • Reinforcement for Trellising load of 25 kg/m2
  • Cross reinforcement for better strength
  • 2% Slope in foundation level

All material used in structure like connectors, bracket & fasteners are of hot dipped galvanized


Shadnet House Technical Specification as per NHB Guideline:


  Size According to requirement
  Shape As per design
  Withstand to wind velocity - Structure may be design to withstand wind velocity up to 104 Km/Hr - 140 Km/Hour per hrs in high wind velocity zone
  Foundation 2mm thickness GI Pipes compatible with colums, length 1m
  Main Column Size 60 OD, Thickness 2 mm, length-4 m.
  Purlins Purlins GI Pips- size 42/43 OD/ thickness 2 mm, length- 4 m purlin members- 33/32 mm OD/2mm thickness.
  Corner Size 48 OD, Thickness 2 mm, length- 0.15 m.
  Four Way Pipe Couplers Size 48 OD, Thickness 2 mm, length- 0.15 m.
  Five Way Pipe Couplers Size 48 OD, Thickness 2 mm, length- 0.15 m.
  Nut Bolts Size 3/8"
  Gable length 4.0 m.
  Centre Height Flat Structure: 4.0 in case of fiat structure.
Hut/Dome/Tunnel Type Structure: Centre nt-4.0m side height-2.5m.
2. Aluminum Profile C type Aluminum profile to fix shade net to the structure by means of self tapping screws. Weight of aluminum profile is 200-220 gm/meter.
3. Spring Insert Zig Zag spring insert to fix shade net to Aluminum profile 2.3 mm diameter of spring wire with cold galvanization. Wire material should be high carbon spring steel with spring action.
4. Shade Net UV stabilized, ranging from 30% to maximum 75% shade depending upon the crop made up of ISI/ applicable national standard, white/ green/black/suitable color.
5. Door Polycarbonate sheet/FRP G.I. frame minimum 4 Sq meter (2 m x 2 m size).
6. Anti Room Anti room of size 4 m x 3 m attached to net house
7. Civil work Cement concrete 1:2:4 block of size 40 cm x 40 cm x 90 cm for embedding vertical poll/pipe of shade net subject to revision as per requirement of site.
8. Overall slop 1 to 1.5 %