• Cold Storage Unit

Cold Storage Unit

Cold Storage:

Cold Storages are essential for extending the shelf life, period of marketing, avoiding glut, post harvest losses reducing transport bottlenecks during peak period of production and maintenance of quality of produce. It is, therefore, necessary that cold storages are to be constructed in major producing as well as consuming centres. The development of cold storages in the country has an important role in reducing the wastages of the perishable commodities and providing remunerative prices to the growers and to make available farm products to the consumers at competitive and affordable prices.


The project may be located anywhere in the country suitably either near the producing farms or consumer centres.

Quantum of subsidy:

Back- ended subsidy @ 35% for General area (50% for being hilly & schedule area) of the project cost for maximum storage capacity up to 5000MT (NHM Department) and up to 10000Mt (NHB Department) under the Govt. of India / NHB Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme.

Cold Storage/ Rooms:  

A storage method is only the last step to having successful cold storage and fresh vegetables in the winter. The first step begins with the seed catalogue, it is extremely important to choose cultivator which store well. For example, not every type of carrot will still be edible the following May. Most seed catalogues are good at telling us which ones have good storage qualities. I have relied on their recommendations and have found particular cultivator of a number of vegetables that store very well for me.

In cold storage, we are taking advantage of the plant's natural dormant stage between seasons. Success rates are also raised by following proven guidelines. Harvesting in dry, cool weather is helpful because cold weather encourages the vegetables to store sugars and starches rather than water in the roots. Brush off the dirt gently, but cleaning isn't necessary. Don't bruise the produce. Store only the best produce; bruised, broken, or nicked vegetables be used soon. Tops should be clipped immediately; if left on, they suck moisture from the root. Many tops are good to eat; chop some and dehydrate to add to soups later.

Our Services Offered:
Over the years, we have been offering expert cooling solutions to the customers. Besides, our company also offers the finest and comprehensive range of services and takes care of the client's cooling, refrigeration and air conditioning system. Moreover, with our rich experience and expertise, we are able to optimize the systems, thereby ensuring perfect air distribution and high energy efficiency.

Our trained professionals with their diligence offer wide variety of services which include sale, purchase, repair, renovation and maintenance (AMC) of refrigeration & air conditioning equipment. Besides, to facilitate our customers, we also offer the parts of Refrigeration and Cooling Equipment.

Our clients can avail the following advantages with the services:
•    Trained Personnel: Our engineers and technicians are trained intensively to handle the costly and sophisticated air conditioning equipment.
•    Priority Service: The customers who request for our annual service solutions are offered priority service in order that their calls attended faster and quicker.
•    Preventive Checks: We offer preventive maintenance checks in carrying out our services that helps in identifying problems effectively, thereby lowering costs.
•    Genuine Spares: We always assure our clients of genuine spares that have longer service life.
•    Extended Life: The regular maintenance along with the genuine spares ensures extended life of our refrigeration system.
•    Seasonal Settings: Our expert engineers are flexible in calibrating the air conditioning refrigeration system as per the requirement of season.

Our Team:

We are supported by a team of diligent personnel who help us in meeting the varied demands of the customers. They are well versed in their domain and have in-depth knowledge of all the processes involved. Moreover, all our team members work in synchronization to carry out the production process in a smooth manner.
 Our team comprises:-
•    Technocrats
•    Engineers
•    Mechanical designers
•    Quality analysts
•    R&D staff
•    Sales & marketing professional
These professionals are highly experienced and use their skills to attain utmost customer satisfaction. It is due to their relentless efforts and diligence; we have been able to achieve the scheduled production targets.

Why Us?

Following factors have enabled us in becoming the foremost choice of our esteemed clients:
•    Quality range of Refrigeration and Cooling Equipment
•    Advanced infrastructure facilities
•    Trained engineers
•    Competitive pricing
•    Timely delivery
•    Dedicated customer call centre with customer management system
•    Excellent after sale service

Quality Assurance:

Quality is considered the most important factor of our organization and has helped us in attaining a respectable position in the industry. We implement stringent measures to maintain high quality standards in all our processes and activities. These measures are undertaken by a team of diligent quality analysts who conduct several checks in our laboratory for testing the equipment.
On these basis of following factors, our professionals conduct checks :
•    Corrosion resistance
•    Noise level
•    Voltage
•    Energy consumption

Technical Specification:

Refrigeration systems (Split Type) – Salient features & Detailed Specification:-
1.    Condensing Unit:- Using air-cooled Best Quality finned copper tube condensers, Axial flow fans, internally grooved tubes, high heat transfer area.
2.    Top Quality reputed make Compressors:-     Hermetically sealed, low noise, less power Consumption, high performance, little vibration, wide voltage range, suitable for highest ambient conditions, full Warranty
3.    Temperature Control & indication:- Best Quality Subzero / Dixell make digital solid state temperature controller with s led state electronic parts.
4.    Ozone Friendly Refrigerants:- The refrigerant used in our system is ozone friendly & CFC free.
5.    Filter cum drier for refrigerant:- Dry-all make, It is incorporated in the systems lines to save the system from moisture & any dirt ctc.
6.    Shut of valves of best quality are used
7.    Indoor/ Evaporating units:- Consisting of Body Stainless steel / PPGI As per Required
8.    Cooling Coils: - made out of best quality CU Tubes, CU tubes inner grooved, Aluminum fins, & Best design
9.    Fans :- High velocity, best quality, maximum air flow, Low Noise axial flow type/ blowers as required, suitable up to -65 Deg.C.
10.    Electrical Connection:-  Best quality components used for electrical connections
11.    Expansion devices of best quality & danfoss /sporlan make are used Capillary for small systems.
12.    Control Panel:- All Controls ate incorporated in this panel such as:-
    A) Digital temperature controller cum indicator of reputed make
    b) Contactors L&T or Schneider
    c) Electrical wires of best Quality


Ripening Chambers:

Ripening is the process by which fruits attain their desirable flavour, quality, colour and other textural properties. On the basis of ripening behaviour, fruits are classified as:
Non-Climacteric Process: Fruit does not ripen after harvest. Non-climacteric fruits once harvested never ripen further. Non-climacteric fruits produce litter and no ethylene is produced and there is no large increase in CO2 production. Non-climacteric fruits are citrus, pineapple, grape, strawberry and cherry.    
Storage capacity of ripening chamber may depend on fruits to be ripened and stacking and air-flow system. In this context, banana may be taken as reference crop for calculation of storage capacity for a given volume of storage space.
a.    Ripening Room dimensions will depend on number of tiers and number of pallets to be stored. On an average 9M3 per MT of banana fruits in CFB boxes and 10 M3/MT in plastic crates may be assumed for calculation of capacity in MT in pressurised chamber.   
b.    Number of chambers may vary from four to eight depending on ripening cycle in terms of number of days. Chambers will be generally identical in dimension.
c.    Further Increase in number of chambers in multiple of ripening cycle may be undertaken but situation in which mechanised handling is possible it would be better if multi tier ripening chamber is undertaken. The number of tiers may go up to three.
d.    Pressurised Ripening Room Door is designed for minimal gas leakage. As manual handling is common in India (including manually operated forklifts), sliding doors with rubber seal are commonly used.
e.    Ripening is preferred at a lower temperature but above level of chilling injury. Desirable ripening conditions for the designated fruit may be (Temp 10o C to 23o C) at RH >90% up to 95%.
f.    Cooling and heating system needs to be designed based on heat load calculation. Freon R407/410 is generally used as refrigerant for small installations and Ammonia for larger industrial applications. Any other eco-friendly refrigerant may be used.
g.    Ethylene gas with suitable detection and dosing equipment to maintain ethylene concentration within required levels depending on product (Range 10 to 200 ppm).
h.    Minimum air flow should be 2000 M3 per hour, per MT of product ripened at 95%.

Cold Display Unit:

We are also making display Cold Rooms which are used in Agriculture Food Mall and all Retail Malls. Displaying of best quality & packaging Vegetables always increase vegetable sell.

This is the a Customised Cold Cabinet. Fully Loaded, Fully Featured & Designed for your special products & Required volums.

Post Harvest Management Project:

Post Harvest Management is the most requirements for serving food material to most of the population of the country. In nowadays, 40% of total fruits & vegetables were being damaged in transporting & serving to peoples. We have to maintain Quality and Safety for Fruits & Vegetables.

The basic recommendations for maintaining post-harvest quality and safety of produce are the same regardless of the distribution system (direct marketing, local marketing, export marketing). However, the level of technology needed to provide the recommended conditions varies in accordance with the distance and time between production and consumption sites, the intended use of the produce (fresh vs. processing) and the target market. In situations where the point of sale is only a matter of hours away from the site of harvest, careful harvesting and handling and the observance of proper sanitation practices are adequate measures for assuring the quality and safety of fruits and vegetables targeted for the fresh market. Pre-cooling, refrigeration and packaging however become essential when fresh produce must be moved over long distances. The following should be considered when selecting appropriate post-harvest technologies:
This Project is the group project of Cold Storage(Rooms), Pre-Cool Rooms, Ripening Chambers, Conveyer belt (which includes Grading, Sorting, Washing, Drying, Waxing and Packing unit),  Stock management system, Mobile Pre-cooling units, Collection Centres, Retail Outlets and AC  Reefer Container(Transportation vehicles).